Development of Augmented Reality Flashcards about Rocks and Minerals

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Northern Kentucky University
"Accessing physical specimens of various rocks and minerals outside classroom is difficult, especially for students in online classes. Augmented Reality, an emerging technology, can overcome this problem by enabling superimposition of digital information directly on real environment. The purpose of the research is not to replace physical specimens with digital models but to significantly improve Earth science education related online courses at NKU. I have developed a simple and inexpensive workflow to create 3D digital models of rocks and minerals at NKU using 2D images and Agisoft Metashape, a photogrammetry software. These rock models were then superimposed directly on real-world objects such as flashcards through AR. To perform this task, I developed a prototype mobile app, using Vuforia and Unity."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Three-dimensional modeling, Mobile apps, Augmented reality in education