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NKU's Digital Repository is a centralized digital location in which the university seeks to collect and provide open access to:

  • permanent university records with high research value
  • scholarship and creativity by the university community
  • the heritage and history of the Northern Kentucky region as represented in the university’s Special Collections

Examples of content types include, but are not limited to institutional research reports, policies and minutes of NKU governing bodies, as well as faculty and student authored publications and research.

This repository is managed by Steely Library for the benefit of the campus.

Terms of the Northern Kentucky University Institutional Repository Nonexclusive License Agreement are available here.


Recently Added

  • Parlow, Sarah (Northern Kentucky University, )
    "Work-Life balance is a buzzword we hear a lot these days, but what does it actually look like for the average American? For many, it looks like a lack of balance. Rushing from work to pick up the kids, take them to practice ...
  • Osborne, Ashley (Northern Kentucky University, )
    "Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) at Northern Kentucky University has students collaborate utilizing interesting molecules that are involved in medicine. These heteroaryl molecules have been handled ...
  • Norton, Kayla (Northern Kentucky University, )
    "Bullying is a highly prevalent impact on individuals every day with school environments being known to be the location for many instances of bulling among children. With nearly 160,000 children staying home every day due ...
  • Nguyen, Thu; Koons, Kayln; Marashdeh, Motaz (Northern Kentucky University, )
    "In the traditional lab setting, many organic chemistry students find themselves following step-by-step instructions provided by the instructor and/or lab manual. This method does not allow the student to fully understand ...
  • Nguyen, Binh (Northern Kentucky University, )
    Heteroaryl compounds are one of the most valuable compounds that can be used to benefit the pharmaceutical industry. The reaction between heteroaryl compounds with tropinone will potentially create bioactive products - ...

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