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NKU's Digital Repository is a centralized digital location in which the university seeks to collect and provide open access to:

  • permanent university records with high research value
  • scholarship and creativity by the university community
  • the heritage and history of the Northern Kentucky region as represented in the university’s Special Collections

Examples of content types include, but are not limited to institutional research reports, policies and minutes of NKU governing bodies, as well as faculty and student authored publications and research.

This repository is managed by Steely Library for the benefit of the campus.

Terms of the Northern Kentucky University Institutional Repository Nonexclusive License Agreement are available here.


Recently Added

  • Dodge, David (Northern Kentucky University, )
    "NKU’s Schneider Observatory, located on campus atop Founder’s Hall, features a 14-inch Schmidt- Cassegrain telescope mounted on a German equatorial mount with computer control capabilities. The high precision of this ...
  • Dinger, Joshua (Northern Kentucky University, )
    My presentation and research paper both focus on the way in which universities inadequately respond to cases of sexual assault on their campuses. First by exemplifying just how frequent these crimes are committed, researching ...
  • DeMoisey, Olivia; Weaver, Madee (Northern Kentucky University, )
    Neuroinflammation is very serious and if it occurs during development, it can have lasting debilitating effects, including cognitive impairments and altered immune function. In the central nervous system (CNS), there are ...
  • DeLuca, Kenna (Northern Kentucky University, )
    "Traditional laboratory class structures have focused on problems or ideas that have already been experimented. However, a novel approach to the restructure of laboratory classes has been brought up. It is called Course-based ...
  • Davis, Rebecca (Northern Kentucky University, )
    "The student debt crisis affects 45 million Americans and has been linked to a decrease in mental, physical, financial, and social wellbeing. This exploratory, cross-sectional study utilizes a self- administered survey to ...

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