The Impact of Intersecting Identities and Disclosure Salience on Experiences of Hiring Discrimination

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Northern Kentucky University
"The current study aims to experimentally investigate the experiences of hiring discrimination based on traits such as gender identity and mental health status. Participants (N = 193) were asked to read a job description and rate the LinkedIn style profiles of eight different fictitious applicants on characteristics such as role suitability, likeability as a coworker, and overall hireability. Participants were then asked to recall and select which three profiles they would most recommend for hire. Results suggest that profiles that disclosed a nontraditional gender identity or mental health message were rated as less suitable for the position, less likeable as a coworker, and less hirable overall than profiles that did not disclose a nontraditional gender identity or mental health message. Further research is needed to confirm and expand on results."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Employee selection, Discrimination in employment, Gender identity