Prevalence of Undergraduate Emotional Intelligence Instruction at Kentucky Public Universities

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Northern Kentucky University
Research demonstrates that emotional intelligence (EI) is a primary factor in leadership and administrative success as well as a key component to organizational success; thus, undergraduate education in EI is a necessary component of undergraduate education in these disciplines. To explore the prevalence of emotional intelligence instruction in undergraduate settings, this study reviewed college of business and leadership undergraduate program curriculum at seven public universities in Kentucky: University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Northern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, Eastern Kentucky University, Murray State University and Morehead State University. To identify the prevalence of EI instruction in these undergraduate programs, a document analysis of program catalogs and program websites was conducted. Findings indicate that there is a lack of required EI courses in the curriculum for students seeking degrees in business administration, management, or leadership.
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Emotional intelligence, Universities and colleges Kentucky, Education curricula Kentucky