Synthesis of alpha- heteroaryl Compounds via Palladium Catalysis in Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Organic Lab

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Northern Kentucky University
" Heteroaryl compounds are common and important components in medicinal chemistry. A palladium catalyzed α-heteroarylation of the compound tropinone under microwave irradiation was conducted in our lab. In this presentation, the palladium catalysis was utilized to synthesize α- heteroaryl compounds. The optimized reaction conditions are 1.1 equivalents of tropinone, 1 equivalent of heteroaryl halide, 2.4 equivalents of NaOtBu. 2mol% of XPhos Pd, in a 2mL toluene solution under microwave irradiation for 20 minutes at 1500 C. This study provided data and information for the development and manufacture of new heteroaryl compounds as cancer treatment candidates."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Pharmaceutical chemistry, Palladium catalysts, Cancer Treatment