Synthesis Reaction between Tropinone and Heteroaryl Compounds to Create Aromatase Inhibitors

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Northern Kentucky University
Heteroaryl compounds are one of the most valuable compounds that can be used to benefit the pharmaceutical industry. The reaction between heteroaryl compounds with tropinone will potentially create bioactive products - heteroaryl tropinone, which can help to make aromatase inhibitors. These inhibitors are then used to apply in the process of curing breast cancer. In our research, each individual was given certain heteroaryl compounds such as 4- bromo-1H indazole(H44), 6bromoquinoline (H40), 5- iodo-1H-idazole (HIH45) to run the reaction using the microwave irradiation method. After that, the product went through the process of simple workup (acetone centrifuge), purification ( acid-base extraction, rotavap), and characterization (NMR). To identify the bioactive of the pure product, we utilized computer modeling to predict the inhibitor interaction. The successful molecule will be submitted for further analysis as contributing to the medication and education in the organic research field.
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Heterocyclic compounds, Breast Cancer, Pharmaceutical chemistry