"NKU UROCC – Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry Course Synthesis and Purification of Heteroaryl Compounds as Potential Cancer Treatment Molecules"

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Northern Kentucky University
"Heteroaryl compounds are useful in the pharmaceutical field and may act as inhibitors for the aromatase enzyme to combat breast cancer. Molecules studied in this project were nitrogenous heterocycles with a tropinone scaffold. The heterocycle and tropinone are synthesized via αheteroarylation. Microwave irradiation was completed at 170° for 20 minutes. Water and ethyl acetate were used for extraction. NMR and MPLC were used to determine the purity of the compound. This work is important because we now know the proper conditions to synthesize and purify the I80-H11 heteroaryl compound."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Heterocyclic compounds, Breast Cancer, Cancer Treatment