Raising Awareness for Coral Reefs

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Northern Kentucky University
"According to National Geographic, the diversity in coral reefs rivals that of the Amazon rainforest- an estimation of 2 million species rely on these underwater animals. Because of this, they are foundational to the ecosystem as a whole, and by extension, us. Their biodiversity has been key in developing drugs to help find cures for many illnesses and diseases, such as cancer, as well as allowing fisheries and other businesses to thrive. Coral Reefs also act as a shield to protect shorelines from violent waves and storms, including areas where people live. This creative project will cumulate into a poetry collection with full illustrations, in order to raise awareness for these threatened, incredibly important animals."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Coral reef ecology, Coral reefs and islands Poetry, Coral reefs and islands Interpretive programs