Synthesis of Heteroaryl Compounds Through Palladium Catalysis for Pharmaceutical Developments in a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience

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Northern Kentucky University
"At Northern Kentucky University, under the Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry Course (UROCC) curriculum and with the use of Course- based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) labs, students are able to understand and experiment with the synthesis of heteroaryl compounds in a palladium catalyzed reaction for potential medicinal uses. The chemical techniques used in this lab include microwave reactor, medium pressure liquid chromatography (MPLC), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared (IR), and the related digital tools. Our study provided some preliminary results for the initial stage of drug discovery for pharmaceutics against breast cancer."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Heterocyclic compounds, Breast Cancer Research, Pharmaceutical chemistry