Synthesis of heteroaryl molecules through a palladium‐catalyzed heteroarylation

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Northern Kentucky University
"Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry Courses (UROCC) at Northern Kentucky University is based on the Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) model. In this class we used techniques like NMR, MPCL, and computer modeling to purify, identify, and evaluate a number of different compounds. The specific compounds that I worked with during these experiments were I80 (tropinone)-H40 (6- bromoquinoline) and I80- H9H (4Bromothiazole). Heteroaryl compounds, like I80-H40 and I80-H9H, are common and important in medicinal chemistry. The research that we are conducting in this class provides useful information concerning heteroaryls and the possibility of it being a bio active molecule that can be used as a breast cancer treatment."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Heterocyclic compounds, Breast Cancer Research, Biotransformation (Molecules)