The Synthesis of Tropinone and Heteroaryl Compounds to Create Aromatase Inhibitors

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Northern Kentucky University
"The purpose of this experiment was to study the heteroaryl molecule, I80- H37. This molecule includes a tropinone scaffold and a heterocyclic ring, nitrogen heterocycles are important and used in pharmaceuticals due to their active agents that result in optimization of the properties of drugs/drug candidates. Heteroaryl compounds are important in the medical field. Our research will specifically provide helpful information regarding the aromatase inhibitors that may be useful in fighting breast cancer. It will also give students the opportunity to excel by providing them experience in Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry Course (UROCC) and Coursebased Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE)."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Heterocyclic compounds, Breast Cancer Research, Chemistry, Organic