Healthcare Discrimination Generates Mistrust in African Americans

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Northern Kentucky University
"African Americans suffer disproportionately, from a list of health disparities such as diabetes and heart disease. The history of healthcare experienced by the African American community has, overtime, left an overwhelming sense of anguish due to unfair treatment and discrimination. Consequently, African Americans have developed a grievous level of distrust with the United States Healthcare System. Can African Americans overcome health disparities in a system that enabled them? I will use this research to convey how discriminatory incidents experienced by African Americans’ have consequently caused mistrust in the United States healthcare system. I will approach my research to expose the disproportionate health disparities in African Americans, dive into the history of mistreatment, and highlight discrimination in healthcare education. Then, transitioning into research highlighting mistrust in African Americans throughout different facets of healthcare. Acknowledging the problem opens the invitation to solutions that can mend the bridge of mistrust between an impactful population of people and the United States healthcare system."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
African-Americans, Medical care, Race discrimination