Study abroad in Europe vs Africa

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Northern Kentucky University
A complex problem that has arisen in contemporary society and is worthy a more attention by the public, government and most importantly student. The problem will focus on why Africa is viewed as “a lesser” travel destination for study abroad student? It will generate insight about countries in Africa that generated a tourist industry (and thus a compelling case to bring study abroad students in). In addition, we will be discussing “Why Europe and not Africa?”. I will highlight my position by demonstrating is worth traveling to Africa to gain mental strength by being able to adapt in a new environment, gained positive value and show potential that Africa can offer way more to a student abroad using the tourist industry. I will show that Europe has always dominated the academy and people think they are going to learn more about “civilization” if they travel to Europe. This is a problematic mindset that we need to discuss and find out where the stereotype is coming from. In addition when we think about why study abroad in Africa the public are more tend to think about voluntourism or volunteer tourism and again, it creates a stigma that African nations need help, where European nations are seen as the important places to go for people who want to learn and be seen as well-rounded. So, again I will support that these are very inaccurate stereotypes
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
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