Challenges in Analyzing K-3 Mathematics Data

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Northern Kentucky University
The Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) is a state supported entity charged with improving effective mathematics teaching and learning, involving early childhood through adulthood. The KCM primarily does this by facilitating professional learning experiences (PLE) for early grade teachers across the state of Kentucky. Early grade students are administered various math tests throughout the year (fall, winter, and spring). Some of the tests are Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Test, Star Math Assessment, iReady Math Test, etc. Additionally, the KCM administers surveys to early grade teachers who participated in the PLE’s. The Burkardt Consulting Center (BCC) partners with KCM, applying statistical techniques to assess the effectiveness of KCM PLE’s. PLE effectiveness can be measured by looking at teacher satisfaction through surveys and student improvement through test scores. I am a senior majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. I aspire to be an actuary.
Math, Education, Data