Animal Welfare and Humanitarianism

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Northern Kentucky University
Animals are used for agriculture, clothing, food, and entertainment, to name only a few ways they are used or exploited. Animal agriculture, for instance, accounts for at least 51% of worldwide Green House Gases. This also results in mass deforestation in order to provide more farmland to feed these animals, destroying and displacing other habitats and animals, as well as creating myriad health issues including disease and famine. This can result in species that are already endangered facing further threat. I will research and provide evidence of these claims while also proposing ethical and sustainable solutions. This is a global issue that can be faced locally with regard to issues such as food security and health and I feel it is every global citizen’s responsibility to take necessary steps to preserve the future of the planet, animal species, and humanity itself.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Animals, Habitat conservation, Livestock