NKU CURE-Course-Base Research Experience

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Northern Kentucky University
"Traditional laboratory class structures have focused on problems or ideas that have already been experimented. However, a novel approach to the restructure of laboratory classes has been brought up. It is called Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience or CURE. This is a laboratory class setting that focuses on exposing undergraduates to scientific research. In this laboratory class structure, students perform original research to potentially create bioactive molecules. Students enrolled in the CURE labs not only gain hands-on knowledge of modern equipment and digital tools used in organic chemistry research but also gain “soft” scientific skills such as scientific collaboration and communication[8]. Through studies, it has been shown that learning current research methods and skills increases student success. In addition, when CURE is compared to traditional and expository activities students have shown increased learning."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Education Research Laboratories, Chemistry, Organic Education (Higher), Research Methodology