A Novel Multi-Faceted Approach For Analyzing Cybersecurity Educational Games

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Northern Kentucky University
"Cybersecurity educational games have the ability to meet a diverse set of educational goals for a variety of audiences. Existing literature shows that there have been several research surveys focused on analyzing cybersecurity educational games from various viewpoints. However, to our knowledge, there has been no previous work that has analyzed cybersecurity educational games in terms of their alignment with the current disciplinary benchmarks in higher education, including curricular knowledge-areas & college-level assessment, K-12 cybersecurity conceptual domains, and industry standards. In an effort to address this research gap, we used the CSEC2017 curricular guidelines, the NICE framework, the CATS project concept inventory topics, and the NSA GenCyber security-first concepts to conduct a unique analysis of a list of popular, open-source cyber educational games. Our research provides a first-of-its-kind study and novel, multi-faceted survey of these cyber-educational games that can serve as an insightful reference for cybersecurity educators and other audiences."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Computer security Standards, Educational games