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Northern Kentucky University
When you hear of the term “burnout” what is your first thought? Maybe you think of a dead-end job that someone may be working, and they have just had enough? Or maybe you think of a student that has just way too much work on their plate and does not know how to finish it all? Or maybe you just think of someone that cannot keep going with everything that they are going through. If you thought of anyone of these thoughts, then you are absolutely right and then some. Burnout is something that everyone faces at some point when it comes to their work, career, living situation and even their own friends and family. There are many different types of burnout as you can see but the two most important things that you should know about burnout is one, being able to recognize it and know what to do to fix it because it many cases, we realize that we are burnt-out and cannot find a solution to combat it. While going into many different professions and looking into the research and the implications of burnout in certain job fields would yield some pretty interesting results, I am looking at burnout strictly in a leadership standpoint.
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Burn out (Psychology), Leadership, Job satisfaction