Development of Monitoring Instrumentation for Hydroponic Systems in Metabolomic Studies

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Northern Kentucky University
The metabolomic profile of plants change under stressed conditions as different pathways are up or down regulated to aid in organism survival. The focus of this project is monitoring the effects of a more acidic environment on mini bell pepper growth in hydroponic systems. Acidity of water is more easily controlled than that of soil and can be regulated efficiently. In order to accurately monitor the home-built hydroponic system an instrument was designed, developed, and coded to monitor both pH and temperature simultaneously using a Raspberry pi 3 model B. This customization allows for monitored parameters, and timescale, to be selected based on the experimental growth conditions and is easily customizable for future experiments. The finished hydroponic system and instrument have been tested, demonstrating that the systems are stable and that the instrument could perform for the duration of our growing experiments. Plants grown in the hydroponic bins are then subject to metabolomics studies comparing highly acidic growing conditions.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Plant metabolites, Hydroponics, Growth (Plants)