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Northern Kentucky University
The problem with homelessness is broad and complex. From the various reasoning of what causes it, to the different strategies to overcome it. It is an ongoing issue that will never be completely resolved. A single disciplinary approach focuses on only one aspect of the issue, while an interdisciplinary approach will look deeper at multiple aspects of the problem. Being homeless is never easy, but for children, it is much harder in various ways, especially in terms of their education. Homeless children are highly at-risk for limited success in school (Manfra, 2018), which leads to the question of whether or not a homeless child has the same educational opportunities as a child who doesn’t live in poverty. There is more that needs to be done to alleviate educational injustice for homeless children. Homeless children need to be better served by the public education sector.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Homeless children, Educational equalization