Tropinone Synthesis with Heteroaryl Compounds to Create Aromatase Inhibitors

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Northern Kentucky University
"The Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences at NKU allows students to utilize organic chemistry in laboratory settings by performing experiments, generating unseen data, and presenting results. The purpose of this experiment is to study heteroaryl compounds; they are valuable building blocks in medicinal chemistry and chemistry industry. A heterocyclic halide reacts with tropinone molecule with palladium catalyst under basic conditions to give our desired product for testing. The reaction undergoes microwave-irradiation, acid- base extraction and rotary evaporation to purify, and NMR to evaluate the product’s structure. Heteroaryl compound reactions have much potential to be further explored as molecules used in cancer research."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Heterocyclic compounds, Education research laboratories