Identification of the enzyme required for the acp3U modification in plastidic tRNA

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Northern Kentucky University
Defects in human tRNA modifications are associated with diseases such as cancer, type two diabetes, neurological disorders, and mitochondrial-linked disorders. The acp3U modification on tRNA is found in bacteria, plants, and animals, but not in yeast. Two recent papers reported that DTW-domain proteins are required for the acp3U modification in bacteria (tapT) and in humans (DTWD2). Three DTWD2 homologs were identified in plants. This research seeks to determine the function of these homologs in plants, and if one of them is responsible for acp3U formation on tRNA in chloroplasts by utilizing yeast and primer extension assays.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Transfer RNA, Enzymes, Homology (Biology), Yeast