Factors that Contribute to the Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment for Women

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Northern Kentucky University
"Substance abuse is considered to be a public health crisis with 53 million Americans reporting usage of illegal substances in the past year. 17% of that population are women, who represent the fastest growing segment of the substance abuse population. Additionally, recidivism rates among women who complete a substance abuse treatment program are high, especially within the first year. This research was conducted via an online survey given to 26 women who self identified as being in recovery and they were asked about the role of social support, personal empowerment and access to resources in maintaining sobriety. It was found that these women held social support and personal empowerment to be key factors in aiding their recovery. This implies that substance use treatment should include continued opportunities to increase social support and resiliency."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Women Substance use, Substance abuse Treatment, Social support systems