Teenage Mothers: Attainment of Education

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Northern Kentucky University
"Although teen pregnancy has decreased nationwide over the last several years, the US is still one of the highest in the developed countries in teenage pregnancies. The social and educational risk factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy are crucial in understanding what needs to be done in order to provide support and resources for teenage mothers. One of the biggest challenges teenage mothers face is graduating from high school. Most teenage mothers will drop out of high school because of the stigmatization associated with early pregnancy. Statistics show that only 10% of mothers between the ages of 13-17 graduate from high school. The socio-economic outcomes have been the focus on research of teenage parents, often finding a negative impact on employment. Education can mitigate these negative outcomes. This complex problem can be viewed through a psychological and educational lens and the policies and programs that can or should be available to help with teenage moms attaining an education are vital to the research I will be completing. The gap between teenage mothers’ aspirations and the support they receive suggest that more can be done on an educational platform and there is a missed opportunity to help these young women."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Teenage pregnancy, Teenage mothers