Going Under Our Feet for the Heat - Geothermal Resource Exploration in Alaska

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Northern Kentucky University
Geothermal energy is simply power generated from the Earth’s internal heat. This thermal energy is typically contained within aquifers with hot water or steam, “reservoirs”. Pilgrim Hot Springs (PHS) is a shallow geothermal reservoir, located in Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, 45 miles north of Nome. Recent drilling recorded a maximum temperature of 196°F at a depth of 1080 ft, which suggests that a substantial heat source (~300°F) feeds the PHS, which remains unlocated. In this project, we are using existing satellite images and earthquake data from PHS to identify the subsurface location of this hidden deep geothermal source.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Geothermal resources, Seward Peninsula (Alaska)