Transformational Leadership for a Psychologically Safe Work Environment

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Northern Kentucky University
"A psychologically safe work environment is an environment that promotes the feeling of being valued as an organizational team member without fear of judgement or consequences for contributions in the workplace. Based on the information provided from this literature review, one can conclude that transformational leadership, if done correctly, can promote a psychologically safe work environment. The empathy and compassion modeled in transformational leadership creates a better work environment and is one component to a healthy and productive workplace where employees feel valued. Both the leaders and followers in the working environment need to feel that there is equality regarding the power dynamic. Transformational leadership benefits both managers and workers because of the psychologically safe environment in which the employees feel more comfortable asking for help, inquiring about the company, and sharing ideas, which ultimately benefits both the employees and the organization."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Transformational leadership, Work environment, Employee morale