The issue of unequal pay for women in sports in the US

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Northern Kentucky University
"Social role theory notes that accepted gender hierarchy and division of labor in society is derived from society’s observation of men and women and their role performances. Societal beliefs about sexes are informed by these ongoing observations, and societal norms are established and accepted as a result. In other words, the key differences among the sexes and the beliefs people hold about them are primarily influenced from the way social roles are distributed to men and women within society. Research has shown, and legal precedents have been set on this notion, that labor markets (not employers) are the source of inequality. The gendering of sports has the potential to affect how and to whom a particular sport is marketed, therefore dampening market opportunities for women. At present, male athletes not only receive more money to play, they also earn more than women through endorsements and personal branding initiatives, opportunities that further widen the sports pay gap. Developing new norms through broader societal discourse and specific Women’s Sports Marketing may offer a path toward solving these inequities."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Women athletes, Pay equity, Sports Marketing