Research into Migrant Workers in China and the effects it is having on the children left behind.

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Northern Kentucky University
"Globalization, rapid industrialization and economic development of China, has resulted in a monumental shift from agriculture lifestyle to one of manufacturing and production. One major concern with this new trend, is that due to residency permit system called the Hukou, individuals migrating for work face immense difficulty bring their children with them. The children left behind while their parents go off in search of work, are commonly the victim of severe psychological issues such as emotional trauma, depression and anxiety. This is causing a major divide in families and causing long term issues for the children being left behind. I will be using insights from Anthropology, Social Work, Psychology and Organizational leadership, to shed light on why this ever- present complex issue needs attention to hopefully bring forth a resolution."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Migrant labor China, Children of Migrant laborers China, Separation anxiety in children