Responsibility of Climate Change within American Communities

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Northern Kentucky University
"Why isn't the American public better informed about climate change and ways to help combat its effects? I propose that certain factors within the crisis of climate change are impacting the lack of interest and or denial about the importance of finding a solution to climate change. This complex problem has arisen in our contemporary society but hasn’t been given adequate attention. This issue is worthy of more aggressive attention by the public because climate change affects everyone. My intention is for people to take a look at the world around them and be motivated to realize the effects of climate change are occurring and for them to educate themselves in order to find/implement ways to stop it. My argument is that if people of the world keep denying the fact that climate change exists then what is going to happen if it's actually real and causing our planet to die? I am focusing on American communities because I find as an American there are a huge amount of factors that go into the communication of important world issues and as we have seen with the current pandemic, these factors are lacking majorly. American communities will be better off with proper communication because there will not only be a shared knowledge about how to help our planet survive but the motivation to realize the dire consequences of each other’s actions. Overall climate change can be stopped but Americans need to realize our place in the world and make an effort to change our ways. Improving our communication and knowledge about climate change will make a positive impact on our society and our future lives."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Climatic changes, Climate change mitigation, Climatic changes Effect of human beings on