Opioid Abuse and Rural Community: Social Work Practice and Community Engagement

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Northern Kentucky University
There are increasing concerns for opioid drug addiction throughout each state. Since September 1, 2019 Bracken County Health Department conducted an educational program with local first responders, including Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement/Coroner/EMA Emergency Dispatch to provide them with information about overdose data gathering tools that are available for use, by first responders, to collect local data on near fatal/fatal overdoses in Bracken County. The purpose of the study is to provide (1) Quick Response Team training and Overdose Training for the first responders as well as (3) track data as overdose prevention strategies, education, and awareness toward areas in Bracken County with the highest near overdose numbers.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Opioid abuse, First responders -- Bracken County (Ky.), Opioid Overdose