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    Experiential Learning Week, April 2021 : Chase Law Clinics
    (Northern Kentucky University) Halbrook, Amy; Kinsley, Jennifer; Singleton, David
    Chase Clinics are law school programs that provide free or low cost services to clients and hands-on-legal experience to law school students as part of service learning. Clinics are directed by law school professors.  Clinics include a classroom component and a fieldwork component where students conduct interviews, counsel clients, conduct research, and -- under supervision with limited practice licenses -- appear in court on behalf of clients. Presenters will discuss the Children's Law Center, Chase Field Placement Clinic, and Constitutional Litigation Clinic.
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    Experiential Learning Week, April 2021 : What Will Internships Do for You? And How to Find One!
    (Northern Kentucky University)
    Join a panel of faculty and staff from across campus as they talk about their experiences placing students in internships and the benefits their students report. The session will end with a question and answer session with participants. Panel includes: Julianne Stockman (College of Informatics), Rhea Floyd (Political Science, Criminal Justice and Organizational Leadership), Emma Walker (College of Business) and Seyed Allameh (Physics, Geology and Engineering Technology), facilitated by Lisa McElfresh (Career Services)
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    Experiential Learning Week, April 2021 : The Experience of Simulation
    (Northern Kentucky University) Leventhal, Rami
    In this interactive session, students have the ability to experience what it is like to participate in practicum experience in the simulation lab. Help guide our emergency room staff as they help a patient with Type 1 Diabetes.
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    Experiential Learning Week, April 2021 : Chase Law School Pro Bono Program
    (Northern Kentucky University) Moore, Lisa; Kelly, Kathryn
    All Chase students complete 50 hours of pro bono service prior to graduation.  Pro bono service is defined as law-related work performed in public interest organizations; in the public sector; or with private practitioners or law firms where the work is performed at no cost or at a reduced fee on behalf of underrepresented clients.  Students select from approved placement organizations, participate in a law school based pro bono project, or design their own pro bono projects. Students perform a broad range of law-related work, including: community legal education, client intake, case preparation, research and writing, and legislative or policy analysis. The following students shared about their experiences working with different organizations: Max von Doemming, Intern for Judge Thomas on Drug Court; Jenny, Legal Education Program “Street Law”; Martina, Intern at Cincinnati Office Branch of Equality Ohio; Sam, Intern for Ohio Justice and Policy Center, and Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy; Arielle, Intern for Hamilton County Municipal Court Help Center; Al Bailey, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Participant
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    Experiential Learning Week, April 2021 : Keynote : Transforming Your Future with Experiential Learning
    (Northern Kentucky University) Shanahan, Jenny
    Through experiential learning, students develop the field-specific skills prized in the workforce and graduate programs. Even more importantly, they gain invaluable proficiencies in communication, collaboration, and real-world, creative problem-solving that employers and graduate advisors value most highly. Students who engage in experiential learning transform their prospects for the futures they desire. This address offers practical advice to students for getting started in experiential learning opportunities in various fields of study, making the most of vitally important relationships with mentors, communicating the results of their work in compelling ways, and translating their experiences for competitive postgraduate opportunities.
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    Experiential Learning Week April 2021 : Kick-Off
    (Northern Kentucky University)
    The April 2021 Experiential Learning Week began with several students discussing their research done with faculty advisors. Zach Hart provided a welcome and introductions. Student presenters included: Abdikadar Ali / "Alignment of Social Robots with Trustworthy AI Design Guidelines"; Lilly Appelfeller / "Publicity Planning for Promoting Research"; Rachael Lerch / "A Variation of Cops and Robbers on Graphs"; Sara Steffen / Effects of Developmental and Adult Antipsychotic Administration on Dendritic Structure in the Nucleus Accumbens; Gita Srinivasen / Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories