Kentucky African American Authors, Musicians and Photographers

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Northern Kentucky University
This research paper fulfills the requirement of the Library Fellowship for Undergraduate Students of Color for the 2021 spring semester. It is based on the lives of African American individuals from Kentucky and/or those who have spent several years of their lives in Kentucky. Many African Americans across the state of Kentucky have proven to be educated, skilled and talented. From the 1800s to the last generation, these people lived to become great in their specific domains such as literature writing in its different forms, music as well as photography. They have gone through different challenges to make history and be examples to the generations after them. This research includes 55 African Americans from Kentucky; 22 authors, 26 musicians including two groups of two and four individuals respectively and finally 7 photographers including a group made up of two individuals. This is a total of 50 bibliographies. The cover photograph incorporates some of the authors and musicians discussed in this paper; Lionel Hampton, bell hooks, Frank X Walker, Alice Allison Dunnigan, Valerie Coleman, Houston A. Baker Jr., Suzan-Lori Parks, Charles H. Wesley, Boyce D. Watkins, Crystal Wilkinson, Bobby William Austin, Lyman T. Johnson, Daniel Burley, W.C. Handy, Bryson Tiller and Gayl Jones.
Library Fellowship for Undergraduate Students of Color, 2021 spring semester
African American Authors Kentucky, African American Musicians Kentucky, African American Photographers Kentucky