Expressing Identity and Culture: African American Artists and Authors of Kentucky

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Northern Kentucky University
This project takes a deep dive into the diverse talent and accomplishments that have existed within the African American community of Kentuckiana. The life stories and motivations behind forty-four Black identifying artists and authors are shard. The mix of talent researched include painters, sculptors, poets, and beyond. This project was conducted in the hopes to bring light to a group of hard working people that have made great achievements in spite of the difficult circumstances brought on by the color of their skin. For many of the authors and artists, they used their culture and hardships as the motivation behind their work and were able to express themselves using their selected mediums. Aside from their creative outlets, many of these people held influential careers as educators, activists, lawyers, etc. When you take a closer look at their work, you can see their stories come to life.
Library Fellowship for Undergraduate Students of Color, 2022 spring semester
African American Authors Kentucky, African American Artists Kentucky