No Vain, No Gain: Does the social media trend of #Fitspiration promote health or vanity?

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Northern Kentucky University
“Fitspiration" is an online trend meant to inspire fitness and healthy living. However, previous research has shown that "fitspiration' websites emphasize physical appearance over health. A recent increase in 'fitspiration' accounts on social media provides a constant stream of images to millions of followers daily. This study examines 'fitspiration' accounts on the largest social media site, Instagram. Examining the top 20 posts using #Fitspiration, this research analyzed the messages conveyed, including an emphasis on thinness, appearance (versus health), and cultural ideals of sexuality and beauty. Findings suggest that social media continues to promote unhealthy images under the guise of fitness.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Health, Social media, Beauty, Personal