Identification of the plant acp3U tRNA modifying enzyme using primer extension in yeast

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Northern Kentucky University
tRNA is required to synthesize proteins from mRNA, and posttranscriptional modifications are vital for making functional proteins. m2,2G, formed by TRM1, blocks base pairing, allowing for successful identification of the modification using fluorescent primer extension in yeast cells. This technique is being expanded to identify modifications in higher eukaryotes. Plant tRNALeu(AAG) and each of the predicted plant TRM1 genes have been individually transformed into trm1Δ yeast cells. Primer extension analysis demonstrated that two genes are responsible for the modification. Currently we are working to identify other posttranscriptional tRNA modifications that could have an impact on mental wellbeing of humans.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Yeast, Transfer RNA, Genetic transcription