Synthesis of heteroaryl molecules I80-H11 through a palladium- catalyzed heteroarylation

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Northern Kentucky University
"The purpose of this work is to study Heteroaryl molecules such as I80-H11 and I80-H37. The structure of this molecule includes a heterocyclic halide and a tropinone scaffold synthesized using Robinson’s one-pot, domino synthetic route. We used microwave-assisted, palladium-catalyzed direct α- heteroarylation of ketones to synthesize this derivative of the tropinone molecule followed by methods of MPLC, NMR, and computer modeling to purify, identify, and evaluate our compound. Our research will expand the scope to better synthesize heteroaryl compounds, provide insight to the roles of palladium catalyst in reactions, and practice of green chemistry which is key to have lower levels of chemical use and chemical waste. Also, aid the development of projects such as CURE and UROCC that implement researched focused approach on organic chemistry courses."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Molecules, Green chemistry, Palladium catalysts