First Aid for Emotions, Not Just Physical Injury

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Northern Kentucky University
Mental health is becoming more and more of an issue. It is now common for people to have depression or anxiety. This may be true because our world is becoming more complex. If we analyze the relationship between chronic stress in general and chronic work-related stress specifically, we can see the relationship between chronic stress itself and mental health episodes, and to, as a society- better handle mental health episodes we can implement a practice called emotional first aid. The main attempt to address this problem is just mental health maintenance overall. To give the person suffering from mental health issues medicine, therapy, or intensive treatment to “make them more normal”. However, when serious mental health issues occur, the immediate environment and people in it are the most important- if the people around the person suffering were more aware of how to handle a mental health issue, the likelihood of recovery without things like medication or intensive therapy might be a little more likely. I am highlighting the parallel between a larger awareness in society to best handle mental health episodes/situations, specifically correlated with the increasing number of mental health issues correlated with chronic, unaddressed work-place stress from the interdisciplinary disciplines of leadership, communications, and psychology.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Stress management, Mental health