"How Women Used Education, Access, Alternatives and Activities to Change Americans’ Attitudes and Feelings About BirdsAttitudes and Feelings About Birds"

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Northern Kentucky University
"Women used education, access, alternatives, and activities to engage everyday people and change attitudes and feelings about birds. Human activities such as bird skin collecting and bird hunting for millinery purposes were having a negative impact on bird populations and hastening the extinction of several species of birds. In 1886 George Bird Grinnell started the first Audubon Society for protecting birds. This first Society folded after two years. In 1896 two women in Boston started the Massachusetts Audubon Society and as a grassroots movement of women it eventually grew into the Audubon Society we know today. The tools these women used for bird protection were education, access, alternatives, and activities. This included speaking to women’s groups and school children, using everyday language instead of scientific terminology to promote understanding, promoting stylish hats without feathers, and holding bird walks. This is how women changed Americans’ attitudes and feelings about birds."
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Birds, Audubon societies, Women