Public Opinion of Female Political Leadership

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Northern Kentucky University
"The theory that the public opinion of female political leadership is significantly influenced by demographics, such as gender, is widely supported by large amounts of existing academic literature. In examining this theory further, specifically through survey conduction, it is clear that a respondent’s gender identity heavily influenced their perception of female political leadership, and the literature reflects that expectations, societal and political norms, personality traits are all subjective to a candidate’s gender. Thus, there is a difference between the way in which female and male candidates are perceived by the public. The ultimate purpose of this paper is to highlight how demographics influence and shape the public’s opinion on female political leadership through a thorough examination of survey data collected, as well as existing academic literature. The theory was broken down into two more specific supporting hypotheses. The results of the survey conducted are reflective of the two hypotheses and theory at hand, as demographics, specifically gender, did indeed influence the public perception of female political leadership, which revealed non-binary individuals to favor female political leadership more than men and women, but women more than men."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Women political candidates Attitudes, Women political candidates Public opinion polls, Gender-nonconforming people Attitudes