Impostor Phenomenon in the Football World

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Northern Kentucky University
"Impostor Phenomenon or “IP” is when an individual has self-doubt and a fear of being considered fraudulent, although they have success in their field. Typically, IP research has looked at the effects of leaders in the workplace and their psychological tendencies. The purpose of this paper is to look at the effects of IP within coaches, specifically football. The goal is to create a conceptual foundation for how IP directly relates to coaches who operate in the cut throat business of sports and to bring further knowledge of IP and create a talking point of how IP affects the sports world. Furthermore, building possible solutions to the phenomenon that haunts many leaders in today's businesses. Using a scoping literature review methodology, this paper takes a deep look at self- efficacy in the coaching world to further understand IP and how it manifests. Also, the way other external factors like results and performance affect IP within coaches. The results of this study provide examples of how IP plays a role in the coaching experience, and the internal struggles IP creates. Suggestions for successfully mitigating IP in the coaching world are provided. Suggestions and solutions to how IP plays a role in coaches are provided. Self-efficacy is a major part in how coaches develop IP as well as multiple outside factors that result in coaches having more stress and an internal struggle with IP."
2021 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation
Impostor phenomenon, Football coaches United States, Sports