Identification of Residues Required for Trm732 tRNA Modification Activity in Yeast

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Northern Kentucky University
Modifications of tRNA are critical for proper functioning. Yeast Trm7 is an enzyme that interacts with Trm732 and Trm734 to modify tRNAs at residues C32 and G34, respectively. Yeast mutants lacking both Trm732 and Trm734 are sick, indicating that these proteins are required for proper cell growth. By measuring tRNA nucleoside modification levels with UPLC Trm732 can be quantitively analyzed. Qualitatively Trm732 can be analyzed through growth assays. Variations in the human homolog of Trm732, THADA, have been linked to polycystic ovary syndrome and type.
2020 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity presentation.
Transfer RNA, Enzyme synthesis, Proteins Synthesis